Erron Justin Dizon. Aspiring photographer.
Nikon D3100.
I'll shoot anything under the sun.
Comments/critics on my shots are encouraged.
Every photo in here is taken by me.
Contact me: errondizon@rocketmail.com
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The Pencil.

Gabe Garrovillas.

UP Panorama+HDR “TRIAL”. Sorry for the Low-res image, forgot to shoot on raw :( anyways, Hope you Like it guys :) comments? Go :)

Haven’t uploaded anything lately. wasn’t able to shoot for a Long time, sorry xD. anyways, here’s an HDR(Long Exposure. Shot around 10-11pm) of The Greenbelt Residences 5th Floor. Hope you like it guys. Peace! :D

Portrait HDR. Trial.

Another HDR, So happy with the results, wahaha, o 2 months ko din hinanap at pinag experiment yan :)) Also it’s my assignment in my photog class :)


As the sun sets in the west.

A cute Husky :)

Sunday at High Street.

A Walk at BGC.

Photos to be uploaded soon. Wait for them, hope you’ll like them guys, and by the way, feel free to tell me what you feel about my shots, hit me up at my e-mail errondizon@rocketmail.com or add me on facebook: www.facebook.com/ewon.xD

Rochelle :”>

Cool Blue.

Bokeh.(Greenbelt 3)